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Wow I can't believe I forgot to upload this one. This poor girl did everything right, she was a princess type person, good at spinning the yarn, ordering people around, buying stuff for the right prince, all those woman skills, but then the fire nation attacked and she had to run away with the family sword.
Ancient Guardian


“I’m an archaeologist, not a grave robber!”

“…a what”

Fairy Girl
I've been obsessed with identifying wildflowers lately, I wish I could also see some fairies too. Fairy Go, anyone?
at least its not the first thing on the page anymore

I got tagged by SineSquared 

1.  What's your comfort zone when you just want to draw something to relax?

Usually either faces over and over or I go through my reference folders and draw the new things I've saved since my last relaxing drawing.

2.  What's the best commission or request you've ever received?  The worst?

I haven't really received any commissions, I guess the best one was an ebook cover because I got paid :) Worst was this exchange where I was sent an explicit reference for my half of the trade x/

3.  When do you find time to do art?

Most of the time not spent at school or work.

4.  Is there anyone who really inspired your style?

Alexds1 really got me into the digital painting with lines stuff, Avatar the last Airbender was a huge influence on my drawing style.

5.  Tell me a story about how you improved on your art, based on some revelation you had when you saw something or someone told you something or something!

Hmmm, well my teachers are always like use reference! USE REFERENCE! And when I actually found a reference for everything in my picture instead of just leaving it up to chance, things looked much better!

6.  Are you any good at taking critique?

Haha, usually when I get one in class I just nod and make affirmative noises but on the inside I'm like, 'how dare you, I WANT it to look that way!!' Then by the time class is over I'm like yeah they were totally right I have to fix all of that.

7.  What kind of art are you totally sick of seeing these days?

I'm really tired of super flat ink and colors, mostly because I see certain places that pay a lot of lip service to the amazingness of golden age illustrators and their paintings and compositions keep picking super flat illustrations as winners of their competitions...

8.  Do you ever compare the art process to something else?  Like, playing an instrument or sports or something...

I feel like art can sometimes be harder, some days no matter what you do you suck haha, while at least usually with physical activity you don't fail too hard after establishing a baseline.

9.  Do your friends draw?

Yes! Most have left deviantart though...

10.  What's your favorite animal?

Deer :)



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Starting my junior year at the School of Visual Arts after the summer! Partying it up in NYC (and by partying it up I mean going to the Met, MoMa, AMNH or Bronx Zoo every weekend)


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I am Catholic, but I'm drawing St. Joan of Arc for a thesis project.
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